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REFRIGERATED CONTAINERS - moveable, easy to operate containers, which are specifically designed and built for use in the harsh African conditions. Suitable for both rural and urban areas. BLAST FREEZERS - for quickly freezing fresh products before storing in cold store. REFRIGERATED VEHICLES - Total Refrigeration and insulation solutions for all sizes of vehicles, including: Diesel powered self sustained units, units running on vehicle engine and battery powered units. ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS - Trawler insulation - Cold Store compartments, plate freezers, ice making machines and more. TAILOR MADE SOLUTIONS - we provide refrigeration solutions for all industrial needs, for any project. FRIGO is experienced in creating climate controlled processing rooms, production lines, sorting and packing rooms, chilling rooms, storage rooms and more.

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FRIGO has a proven track record of designing and executing more than 100 large turnkey projects (up to 27,000 M3 refrigerated facilities), and hundreds of small custom made facilities - of up to 10 tons of Cold-Store solutions; and portable refrigeration solutions such as "Container Cold-Stores". The company has executed projects for the most prestigious companies in the private sector food industry, such as Nestle, Coca-Cola, Star Kist (Pioneer Food Cannery), and GAFCO, and also Government projects with great national importance, such as the new export terminal in the Tema Harbour (Shed-9 project) which was financed by the World Bank and Initiated by the Ministry of Agric (MoFA) to promote the local Pineapple production for export. On top of these FRIGO has a unique expertise in refrigeration solutions for Agro-Industrial projects in the fields of fruit processing, poultry and fish.

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