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Pre Engineered Buildings

Custom designed and pre-fabricated steel structures, according to project design, galvanized, oven painted, powder coated or epoxy paint finished. In addition we offer concrete and block construction.


- Polyurethane (PU) Insulation Material,provides high-quality insulation solutions for all purposes.
Polyurethane is the best insulation material used for low temperature insulation (cold stores, etc.), saving electricity consumption and thus most cost effective. PU is the most durable insulation material, and reduces the need for renovations and repairs for the long run.
- Polyurethane (PU) Spray-on - Special Construction Technique - FRIGO is the only Cold Store contractor in Ghana using the unique Polyurethane (PU) Spray-on Technique, which is the best commercially known insulation technique in Cold Store construction. This cost effective solution also Provides higher durability.
- Pre-Fabricated Polyurethane Panel Cold Store - Pre-Fabricated Polyurethane Panel Cold Stores, for quick and easy assembly and disassembly, providing flexibility in relocating and an option for future expanding.


- Central refrigeration systems - operated by a central engine room and compressor system, dry-coolers and air-coolers, designed and engineered according to project specifications
- Split cooling units - for large, medium and small size facilities.
- Window mounted cooling units - for medium and small size facilities.

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Refrigerated Transportation

Diesel powered self sustained units for large trailers (15mts), Single block units running on vehicle engine for large and medium size vehicles, Direct drive split units running on vehicle engine for medium and small size vehicles and battery powered split units for small size vehicles for urban use.


Logistical Systems

- Dock levelers - Automatic hydraulic dock levelers for discharging trailers.
- Shelving systems - drive-in racking system for pallet storage operational with forklift.
- Insulated doors - polyurethane insulated cold room doors: automatic overhead sectional doors, automatic sliding doors, manual sliding and hinged doors, automatic fast rolling PVC curtains, PVC strip curtains.
- Industrial doors - steel roller shutters, sliding industrial doors, personal doors.

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Solar Power Systems

Today more than ever there is a growing demand for cost effective solutions to the high electrical bills that Industry is paying. This kind of system can reduce the overall electricity bill by 25%-30% and pay themselves after a relative short time of approximately 2.5-3 years.

We offer supreme and affordable quality products, specially the “brain” of the system (Inverter) who is German made by a company already 35 years in operations.

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